11th Warsaw Kizomba Festival

Last year we celebrated our special 10 years’ anniversary! And we dare say, thanks to you - it was LE-GEN-DA-RY! ♥
At some point were also called “the Surviror” – obviously the oldest still running kizomba event of all the world kizomba festivals right now... So, to stand to that name, we won’t hestitate, but open registrations for the 11th edition of Warsaw Kizomba Festival very soon!

The event dates are: April 17th-19th, 2020.

Our aim continues the same - to promote authentic kizomba and semba in it’s most beautiful classic form, and give you opportunity to learn, socialise, chill and have super quality time in our family-like ambience!

The venue continues – Hotel NOVOTEL Warszawa AIRPORT**** (ul. 1 Sierpnia 1, Warsaw). Booking form coming soon!

Registration will begin in a few days :)