COVID-19 vs. WKF 1:0

Dear Warsaw Kizomba Festival Family!

Despite our greatest hopes and wishes, unfortunately the COVID-19 situation is only worsening in Poland now, with schools, universities and all events being closed down, with a traveling ban coming soon into life, too. :( 

It’s not only forbidden by law but also would be highly irresponsible of us to pretend nothing is happening and proceed with holding on to this year’s edition of the WKF. A dance festival, with hundreds of people from all over the world, hugging each other all day long is a top risk event, one person could easily pass the virus to all participants.

We are heartbroken but we are forced to take the decision to cancel the April event.  ☹

Some of you are asking us to wait some more weeks and see what April brings, unfortunately, just like many other event hosts we have already had to cover huge, nonrefundable organisational costs , that get bigger every day, so for us it’s also a matter of how much $$$ we lose, and IF at all WKF can survive this crisis.

Our plan is to host a smaller international event this summer, let’s call it … WKF 10 ½ (dates and line-up coming soon), and hope next year brings us better circumstances to have a proper 11th Warsaw Kizomba Festival like the ones you are used to.

Please hold on a few more days, we are working on our refund procedures to make it quicker and user-friendly for both you and us.

It will also be possible to transfer this year’s passes to next year , or use them for the 10 ½  WKF. We will come back soon with all the details.

Stay well, let’s not let the Corona-Sh*t spread and kill our passions!

Ola Leszczewicz & the Festival Team