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Please register via #iwencik


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Where will I find payment details?

After completing the registration you are directed to your PERSONAL FESTIVAL PROFILE page, that includes all payment details as well as your paid/unpaid status. Don't worry if you don't save the link to that page - you can find it in the message that we send automatically to the e-mail address provided during registration. All bank account numbers are also available at our CONTACT tab for reference.

Is there any payment confirmation I should receive?

After the payment has been confirmed in our system, there is an automatic e-mail sent to notify about your status change. However, we update all  payments manually, so please allow a couple of days after completing the payment for the status change to happen.

Where do I get my ticket?

The Electronic Ticket , more precisely a QR-code to show upon arrival will be available to download from your personal Festival Profile link (the one you get when you register) once the payment is completed.

I have filled in the registration form many times, how will I know which link to use?

If we see the same person register more than once, we leave the most recent registration, and delete previous ones.